Sep.10-12, 2018 | Kyoto

Welcome to JDRC13 !

You are cordially invited to attend the 13th Japanese Drosophila Research Conference (JDRC13), which will be held on September 10 - 12, 2018 at Kyoto University. JDRC13 aims to provide opportunity to learn latest Drosophila researches and to network among Drosophila researchers in Japan. We also welcome non-Drosophila researchers who are interested in Drosophila studies. Presentations in JDRC13 will cover the broad range of Drosophila researches such as genetics, molecular biology, cell biology, development, physiology, evolution, neuroscience, and more. JDRC13 will also be a good opportunity for presentation of young researchers and students.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Kyoto, and hope this meeting will be an exciting time for Drosophila researchers!

Tatsushi Igaki
Chief organizer, JDRC13
Kyoto University, Graduate School of Biostudies

Conference organizers

Organizing committee
  • Tatsushi Igaki | Chief organizer
  • Satoshi Goto | Organizer of the last JDRC (JDRC12)
  • Ryusuke Niwa | Organizer of the next JDRC (JDRC14)
  • Azusa Kamikouchi
  • Hirotaka Kanuka
  • Tetsuya Kojima
  • Erina Kuranaga
  • Takashi Matsuo
  • Makoto Sato
  • Takashi Suzuki
JDRC13 office
  • Shizue Ohsawa | Administration staff
  • Masato Enomoto | Administration staff
  • Kiichiro Taniguchi | Administration staff
  • Mai Nakamura | Assistant
  • Naoko Yajima | Assistant
  • Mayumi Takemura | Assistant


Update information

Photo album has been posted.
Winners for LSA poster prize and The 9th Daigoro Moriwaki Award have been announced.
Program book (PDF version) has been posted.
Daigoro Moriwaki Award and LSA poster prize pages have been added.
Program has updated (link).

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