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What's the Daigoro Moriwaki Award?

"Daigoro Moriwaki Award", which was established in 2001 (JDRC5), recognizes excellent researchers from all of young presenters (oral and poster) in JDRC. JDRC13 will award "Grand prize", "First prize" and "Second prize" by the result of voting of judges. Winners of "Grand prize", "First prize" and "Second prize" will be presented with a certificate, plaque and souvenir.

Winners of "The 9th Daigoro Moriwaki Award"

Grand Prize

Yuto Yoshinari | University of Tsukuba

O-23, "Neuronal octopamine - Matrix metalloproteinase signaling regulates germline stem cell proliferation in female Drosophila melanogaster"

First Prize

Minami Katayama | University of Tsukuba

O-12, "A hijack strategy of a parasitoid wasp on Drosophila larvae: A characteristic apoptosis in imaginal discs"

Second Prize

Yuya Sanaki | Kyoto University

O-11, "Hyperinsulinemia promotes tumorigenesis by abrogating cell competition"

Rina Nagata | Kyoto University

O-3, "Exploring a universal mechanism of cell competition"

Third Prize

Yusuke Hara | NICT

O-10, "Acclimatization to cold temperature of brain insulin neurons drives reproductive dormancy"

Hiroki Nagai | Tohoku University

O-31, "Intestinal autophagy suppresses unnecessary damage response induced by non-pathogenic enteric bacteria through Ref(2)P regulation"

Masato Enomoto | Kyoto University

O-32, "Cell-to-cell propagation of JNK signaling controls tissue remodeling during wound healing"

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